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Two posts in one day….  now there’s an unusual occurence!

Had to get this post out to you quickly (and it’s being sent to the VIP list as well).

Last night I was sent a link to WordPress Blog Defender by John Hoff and had to check it out.  I’ve looked at securing my site previously, and recently I’ve had two friends have their sites hacked – so it’s become more urgent all of a sudden.

I’d always assumed it couldn’t happen to me, who’d want to hack  my site?  But then these friends were hacked, by autobots, and I realised that it’s not about the site itself, it’s simply because the site is out there and it COULD happen to me.

I’d actually looked at WordPress Blog Defender previously and been impressed, but that was before I was serious about doing something about it.  So when Michael Martine at Remarkablogger recommended it again, and mentioned that he uses it himself, I was even more interested.

So I bought it last night and downloaded it.  This is SO EASY to use.  I’m not a coder and securing your blog is definatly using code.  John gives you every bit of code, a 150 page book  with 30 ways to protect your site, and 14 step by step video’s.

Better still, it’s on sale for the next two days.  50% off, only $19.99 until 3 March (US time) then it’s back up the normal price of double that.  I’m loving it so far – simple to use and feeling so much better about my site.

John’s story of how his wife’s jewelery business was hacked is a real eye-opener – it’s not just about getting your site back up, he talks about the loss of income and the effect on his family, the destruction of their business reputation and the heartache caused by it all.

Check out WordPress Blog Defender, you’ll be glad you did.

Edited 15 April 2010 – I woke up this morning to six emails notifying me of hacking attempts into this website.  Thanks to WP Blog Defender they weren’t able to access anything and the attack didn’t work.  In the last week I’ve seen two big names in the blogging world have their sites hacked.  I didn’t think it would happen to me – and it did.  I was lucky that I’d secured my site only  a few weeks earlier.  Don’t let it happen to you.