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What a year! 2009 was the year I made the switch from generalist life coaching to working exclusively with Work At Home Mums. It was a decision I made with a lot of trepidation and concerns, and thankfully it proved to be the right choice. It’s a year down the track, and now we’re looking back at the year that was.

104 posts over the 12 months – I remember back at the start looking at about my third or fourth post and thinking 50 was a huge number of posts!

The top 10.2 favourite posts from 2009

1. Do You Have Permission to Market?

2. How to Make Lots of Money Online Fast

3. The Clean Shower Guide to Marketing

4.1. The Basics of a Good Blogsite – Pt 1

4.2. The Basics of a Good Blogsite – Pt 2

5. A Rant on Ethics in Business, or rather, The Lack Thereof

6. Managing Work Time Around Kids – Myth or Reality?

7. Email Goof-Up, or Don’t Diss Your Customers

8.1. Business Practices That Make You Look Bad Pt 1

8.2. Business Practices That Make You Look Bad Pt 2

9. Build It and They Will (Maybe) Come

10. Is Your Business Real or Are You Just Playing?

There are two free recordings on the site as well, both well-worth downloading and listening to:

Set Yourself Apart with planning – free audio download

Marketing Biz Brainstorm Teleseminar Recording

Have a read through, see what other people thought of the posts.  Onward to 2010, our best year yet!