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Here’s the first freebie for January!

It’s half hour audio on how you can set yourself apart from everyone else by planning your next 12 months.

Yes, I know every man and his dog on the internet are doing goal setting right now, and I’m not going to apologise for being one of them.  Because it’s so important.  This audio isn’t just about setting goals  it’s about strategising and putting a solid foundation underneath them that will help you actually reach those dreams.

In the audio I talk about:

  • Developing your goals
  • making them challenging and personal
  • Suggestions for what to do when you don’t know what goal to set
  • Strategising, and planning
  • Getting your subconscious to help by putting your goals on autopilot

We all have dreams for our businesses.  Every single one of us. Set yourself apart from the rest and do something solid and effective towards achieving your dreams.  Download this audio and listen to it.  Do the exercises in it.  Practice visualising your goals.  And see them become reality in your WAHM business.

This audio is a free gift to you, to assist you in achieving your dreams and goals for your business.  Please share it around, send the link to your friends, post it on forums, twitter it….


[download id=”3″]

Right click the link and “Save As” to download to your hard drive.


I wanted to let you know I listened to your mp3 last week about business goals and it’s really helped me.  I was one of the ones who just had ‘do more with my business’ as a goal for the year, but after listening to the file I was able to specify exactly what I want, and break it down, and so far I’m keeping up with it.  So thank you for that!
Melissa Smith