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During the first week of each month we’re giving away a business book to a reader of this blog. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post. At the end of the week I’ll draw a name from the comments (or my daughter will!) and the lucky winner will be announced here. I’ll post the book anywhere in the world, so the giveaway is open to everyone!

This month’s we’re giving away a personally signed copy of “Win in Business” by Peter Irvine. Peter has over 30 years experience in advertising and marketing, including several years as Managing Director of DDB Needham, the second largest advertising agency in Sydney. He and his business partner established Gloria Jean’s coffee in Australia, and now own the international Master Franchise brand and supply and roasting rights for all countries.

In this book, the man who helped guide the phenomenal success of Gloria Jean’s Coffees in Australia unearths 20 priceless keys to catapult you towards your vision. Peter Irvine reveals behind-the-counter stories about the amazing success of this award-winning coffee franchise… as well as other brands, like McDonald’s, which he helped to build through his advertising career in Australia.

If you would like to create a remarkable, stand-out business, then WIN in BUSINESS provides the essential framework to thrust you to the front of the line. This book provides comprehensive, step-by-step guides to activate your vision, help you overcome the challenges along your journey, and squeeze the most out of your vast potential.

I was at a Business Seminar with Peter last week and have already finished reading my copy of the book (don’t worry, the copy I’m giving away is brand new!). It’s a great book, I’ve taken a lot of new information and new ways to do things I’m already doing from it. Peter’s ‘voice’ is very easy to read and he presents his information in a way that is very easy to understand and apply.

So leave a comment and at the end of the week we’ll find out who the lucky winner is!