The Clean Shower Guide to Marketing

I was cleaning the shower the other day.  This is something I do regularly.  Once a year is regular, right? Just kidding – I clean it a lot more often than that.  While sloshing water around and scrubbing the tiles it occurred to me that cleaning the shower is in many...

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How not to receive feedback

As I mentioned in yesterday's post I’d sent the business owner a message to say that I hadn’t appreciated the hard sell etc, and by the way, where had she gotten my contact details from? (my phone number isn’t on the website).  I was polite, just very clear that I...

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Do You Have Permission to Market?

This post is part rant.  Bear with me, there’s a lesson here for all of us. Permission Marketing is where a person gives you permission to market your products and business to them, generally via email.  Do we all see the connection here?  Permission Marketing =...

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