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The call is happening on Tuesday March 3rd at 2.00pm Eastern Time (Sydney time – Wednesday March 4th at 6.00am)

This teleseminar is totally directed by the questions YOU ask!  Your questions will be answered on this call!

Click here to ask your question and register for the call!  Your questions answered for free by our panel of experts!

Can’t make the call?  Register anyway and receive a link to the free recording afterwards.


Update: This teleseminar is over.  Click here to download:  [download id=”2″] Right Click and use “Save As” to save it to your hard drive.

Note: Due to a huge storm and power outage in her area, Christine wasn’t able to make it onto the call.

It was my first ever teleseminar that I’d run, and you can hear me throughout the call asking if Christine had come on – I think I was quietly panicking in the background.  It was a great lesson in a lot of ways, firstly to make sure you have set up a way to communicate off the call (such as a mobile/cell phone) and secondly that something is always going to go wrong – deal with it and get on with the call.  It generally works itself out in the end.  🙂