Knowledge is a great thing. So is taking Action. When you’re running a business, the two should be carefully balanced.

Quite a lot of people spend all their time getting knowledge, yet they never seem to put that knowledge into action. They buy every e-book and course, go to seminars and teleseminars, discuss business, marketing and sales endlessly, but never get their business off the ground.

At the other end of the scale are those who jump into a business boots and all, without knowing anything about it and simply correct their mistakes as they go. Unfortunately, you only get one go at a first impression, and these guys look unprepared and unprofessional. By the time they get their act together they’ve lost credibility with potential clients and business partners.

There’s a profitable middle ground in between these two extremes. Knowing enough that you present a professional polished image, and taking considered, thoughtful actions that bring the results you’re after. Knowing enough to get a good start, and taking action sooner rather than later.

Just like a see-saw or fulcrum, it’s a balancing act. The more knowledge you gain the more action you can take. The more action you take, the more you need to know in order to keep up with yourself.

And to end today’s unusually short (yet valuable and thought-provoking) post, a quote from Brother Cadfael in “One Corpse Too Many” by Ellis Peters.   “I hope I never do anything without due thought – even if the thought sometimes has to shift its feet pretty briskly to keep up with the deed”