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It’s no secret that we all have many things going on in our lives – children, work, family, business, friends, social organisations, sports… the list goes on. No matter how good these are and how much you enjoy these things, they all take a toll on your energy and stress levels.

Do you sometimes feel drained and frustrated just going through the motions of getting work done without feeling joy? Perhaps it’s time to pause and take stock.

Are you tired, worried and not satisfied – even though you have a great family and a business or job that you love?

Are you ready to turn this around? Right now?


US ET, Sunday 14 June, 8.00pm

Australia, AEST, Monday 15 June 10.00am

Only 30 minutes (yes – just half an hour) to learn how to release your stress, relax and unwind.

Join Louisa Chan and I in learning to “Enjoying Success Without Stress”.

Louisa is a Success and Empowerment Coach who helps women deal with the sense of overwhelm. She has gone through enormous stress in her own life due to constant relocations, changing culture, retrenchments, gender and health issues and has agreed to share her secrets of overcoming stress with us on the call. She believes that you do not have to live with stress.

If you are looking for ways to break out of your current situation, join us and see what changes you can incorporate to enjoy more ease and lightness in your life

Sign up for the call even if you won’t be able to attend in real time. A replay will be available afterwards for downloading.

Come and join us, thirty minutes of your time in exchange for relief from constant stress. Experience for yourself the changes as you implement them in your life.

Listen via webcast or phone, details will be sent after registration.

Update: Teleseminar is over and will be posted on the ‘Free Stuff’ page in the next few days.