A few days ago I was reading a post of Jonathon Fields on ‘The Four Delusions of Entrepreneurs’. It’s very interesting reading and relates well to us as Work at Home Moms.

In his post Jonathon discusses the four reasons why most entrepreneurs leave the security of ‘working for the man’. Those reasons are:
– Freedom
– Control
– Money
– Passion

Not so different from being a WAHM is it? Only we can usually add that we want to be at home for our kids, yes?

Jonathon goes on to discuss:

They dream of working their own hours, not having to report to “the Man,” skipping though fields of money, loving what they do every moment of every day and changing the world. All great aspirations.
Question is –
How much is real, and how much is outright fantasy?

Wow. That question hit me right between the eyes. Like every one of you I had good reasons for working at home – my biggest reason turned 12 just last month.

Yet the four reasons stated by Jonathon were there right behind her. And as I, and most likely you, have found those four things don’t come easily – if at all.

What do you think? Have you been able to fulfil your reasons for starting/running a work at home business?

We all have expectations before beginning something, how have your expectations been met, exceeded or dropped as you’ve progressed with your work at home business?

Knowing what you know now, would you do it all again?