Are you waving goodbye to website visitors and encouraging them to leave your site before they’ve had a good look around?  Keep them on your site for as long as possible with one very simple addition to your url links.  Simply set all your clickable links open in a new window.  This allows a visitor to open a link that you’ve included, while remaining on your site for longer.

Setting links to open in a new window is very easy.  When adding a url to a page or post, simply tick the box or select from the drop down menu, normally labelled as “Target” or “Target Window” and choose ‘Open in a New Window’.

Depending on your visitor’s browser, this will open the link in a new window or new tab, while keeping them on your site as well and encouraging them to keep reading and looking around.

As a general rule of thumb, if the link is to somewhere else within your own site – it can open in the same window as the visitor is still remaining on your site.  If the link is to another site – use open new window.