Monthly Archive: June 2010

Jun 28

Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring: plus 40% off for EOFYS

Three very different disciplines, yet they’re often confused and the terms are used interchangeably.  Coaching is not Consulting or Mentoring, and vice versa. Coaching Coaches don’t tell the client what to do. They facilitate the client finding and implementing their own solutions. –          What do you want to do? –          What’s the fastest way to …

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Jun 17

The Clean Shower Guide to Marketing

This one of my favourite posts that was originally published early last year.  Now updated and edited to be even more good-er.  Enjoy! I was cleaning the shower the other day.  This is something I do regularly.  Once a year is regular, right? Just kidding – I clean it a lot more often than that.  …

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